There's lots of excitement these days about living willow fences, tunnels and arches. These have been planted and maintained for years in England and Ireland, and those countries have done a lot to inspire our imaginations.
For us in the US, these projects are not always successful - though there are some planting strategies that can help. Since the willow rods that are 'planted' are basically giant cuttings, if the weather is too warm, too windy or too dry the buds along the stem will dessicate and fail to grow. So our 'window of opportunity' for planting is early to mid spring. And then a bit of luck is needed to have the weather cooperate (cool, cloudy weather with rain is the best - think England in winter).

****Special Note****

I do not have long rods for sale for 'living willow' projects. Sorry, my patch is just not producing enough large rods to supply all of your interesing projects.

One option to consider: Plant some of my standard cuttings and develop your own 'willow patch' - then you can grow your own rods for the living projects.

Willowglen Gardens

For more than 20 years Willowglen's gardens have grown to support a wide variety of hardy perennial flowers, woody shrubs, and trees. These gardens are a living catalog and serve as a reference and inspiration for Lee & Lindsay in their work. They are open for viewing to those taking a class at Willowglen or visitors during the Northeast Iowa Studio Tour each October.

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