I started growing willow in the late 1980's and so can safely say that I have harvested and sorted thousands and thousands of willow rods. And there is nothing quite as beautiful as the sorted bundles of new crop willow.

My growing fields have been shrinking in size as I age and no longer hire harvest helpers. I'm working towards keeping my patch manageable for my own work with a bit left over to offer for sale.

I have made the decision to no longer ship dried willow - but will have it available to people who can come and pick it up here at Willowglen. I love it when weavers can actually see the options and choose their own material.

My price for dry willow will continue to be $14/pound plus shipping. All of my willow has the bark still on it. These are graded by length, ranging from 2'-8'. The number of rods per pound varies with the length of the rods.

For example: One pound of 3-4' rods has around 50 rods.
                      One pound of 4-5' rods has around 40 rods.
I sort to these sizes for most basket work:
                                 2-3' (at least 2' and all less than 3')
       (Availability is directly related to harvest success.)

Dried Willow Varieties: 
   German Basket Willow
   Salix purpurea x daphnoides
   Salix purpurea
'Green Dicks'
   Salix americana
'Belgian Red'


Dried willow will last indefinitely. Store it in a dry and dark place and it will be there whenever you're ready for it.


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