landscapePlanning a garden or landscape is a process of great importance.

For the simple reason that a tree can often live one hundred years or more we should consider the outcome of our efforts carefully. This same process should also be exciting and enjoyable - even fun. Fun because what we are discussing is the potential within a piece of land.
By melding the physical qualities of the land with the ideas, wishes and dreams of the owner we can then establish use patterns - -allowing the shape of the landscape to fit the function intended for its users.
Once shape and style are established we can place trees, shrubs and built structures to help accentuate and enhance our outdoor areas. Then a final layer of detail can be added with garden beds, containers and other garden features.

I have practiced landscape and garden design here in the upper Midwest for more than 30 years and feel that I can help any landscape project with my own form of creativity, my knowledge of plant varieties and decades of experience growing plants and building landscapes.

If you are interested in creating a landscape of distinction then perhaps we should talk. Contact me by calling 563-735-5570 or through the 'Contact Us' page on this website.


Willowglen Gardens

For more than 20 years Willowglen's gardens have grown to support a wide variety of hardy perennial flowers, woody shrubs, and trees. These gardens are a living catalog and serve as a reference and inspiration for Lee & Lindsay in their work. They are open for viewing to those taking a class at Willowglen or visitors during the Northeast Iowa Studio Tour each October.

3512 Lost Mile Rd • Decorah, Iowa 52101