October 2022 North House Folk School

'Weaving a Traditional Stake and Strand Basket'
Join Lee and Lindy for a beginner class on the basket construction style called 'stake and strand'. This class is being offered as part of 'Basket Week' - one of the thematic weekends offered at the North House Folk School in Grand Marais, MN. Check out this one and other classes offered through the North House by visiting their website.

Willowglen Gardens

For more than 20 years Willowglen's gardens have grown to support a wide variety of hardy perennial flowers, woody shrubs, and trees. These gardens are a living catalog and serve as a reference and inspiration for Lee & Lindsay in their work. They are open for viewing to those taking a class at Willowglen or visitors during the Northeast Iowa Studio Tour each October.

3512 Lost Mile Rd • Decorah, Iowa 52101