SignWelcome to Willowglen ...
the home, farm and studio of Lee Zieke & Lindsay Lee. On a wooded farm in rural northeast Iowa it is here that we practice our crafts of willow basketry and fine arts.

Willow is such a natural and totally renewable resource - a sturdy basket woven of its boughs will carry countless cargoes while delighting the eye for many years. Please click on our 'Willow' page to learn more.

Please be patient with us as we update these pages - our hands do better with soil and sticks - keyboards are another matter!

Willowglen Gardens

For more than 25 years Willowglen's gardens were a source of inspiration and beauty to area gardeners. Closing the retail shop in 2010 Lee and Lindy have been able to explore the crafts of willow and boatmaking. They live and craft on their lovely rural property in NE Iowa..



 There's a song called 'Willow, Weep for Me' along with countless other lyrics all implying weakness and tenderness. Yet we can weave willow rods together to make a basket that can be filled with stones. For centuries, vessels made of willow have carried cargoes heavy and light, from coal to carrots.

Lindsay and Lee have spent decades growing, harvesting and weaving their crop of basketry willows.



After many years of assisting homeowners with their garden needs, Lindy is hanging up his hat on horticultural design. He hopes to fill his days in his own gardens and hobbies.


3512 Lost Mile Rd • Decorah, Iowa 52101