Non-rooted hardwood cuttings are available for shipment in spring. This is a relatively easy and economical way to start growing willow. The cuttings are taken when the plants are dormant and are 8-9" in length.They are planted so that only about an inch is out of the ground.
Cuttings are $2.50 each plus shipping, with a minimum of 20 cuttings, please.

Varieties Available for Cuttings:
Salix purpurea 'Green Dicks' - slender rods that dry to a buffy brown
Salix purpurea x daphnoides - dry to darker brown
Salix 'German Basket Willow' - medium brown when dry
Salix alba 'Walter's Gold' - egg yoke yellow stems
Salix 'Belgium Red' - chocolate brown stems when dry
Salix americana - warm brown

Confused about how to begin? Try Lee's Willow Starter Pack - 5 cuttings of my 4 favorite varieties (S. 'Green Dicks', S. purpurea x daphnoides, S.'German Basket Willow', and S.'Walter's Gold'), just $50 plus shipping and handling ($10.00).

You can place an order either by using the contact page on this website or by giving us a call (563)735-5570. Payment arrangements will be made at that time.

Planting instructions are included with orders

Willowglen Gardens

For more than 20 years Willowglen's gardens have grown to support a wide variety of hardy perennial flowers, woody shrubs, and trees. These gardens are a living catalog and serve as a reference and inspiration for Lee & Lindsay in their work. They are open for viewing to those taking a class at Willowglen or visitors during the Northeast Iowa Studio Tour each October.

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