I am no longer offering hardwood cuttings for sale.

There are several willow growers who are offering cuttings so check out their websites and have fun getting started growing your own willow patch.

Sandra Kehoe - www.willowbrookbasketfarm.com

Johnny Suderman - www.lakeshorewillow.com

Jes Clark - www.willowvale.farm

It is very satisfying to 'grow' your own baskets. Dive in and see for yourself!

Willowglen Gardens

For more than 25 years Willowglen's gardens were a source of inspiration and beauty to area gardeners. Closing the retail shop in 2010 Lee and Lindy have been able to explore the crafts of willow and boatmaking. They live and craft on their lovely rural property in NE Iowa..

3512 Lost Mile Rd • Decorah, Iowa 52101